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How it works:
After you purchase a BitCoin mining package (below) We will rent server space in the cloud using openstack. All you have to do is send bitcoin to the an address below and your wallet address will show on 'My Mining' along with proof of payouts from other buyers. You are paying for a server rental that runs a mining program to generate BitCoins. We split payments up so that we don't have a massive overflow of payments/rentals.
What is BitCoin mining?

Why Use Mining United:
No account needed
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NEW OPTIONS! Choose How Much You Earn:
Mining Package Mining Speed Pay-in Send BitCoins to This Wallet Address: Your Payout (Estimate) Time
Starter Slow 0.05 Send to: 1DxdHTCuCsRtfepRiwovXcscHNWA9qFcL4 0.0662 (+0.0162) 72 Hours
Basic Medium 0.10 Send to: 1DxdHTCuCsRtfepRiwovXcscHNWA9qFcL4 0.1239 (+0.0239) 96 Hours
BitCoin Maker Fastest 0.25 Send to: 1MNtqRnnabW7b7cmYcasWGqLo1Kg5rxytP 0.2917 (+0.0417) 120-144 Hours

Any 'fees' you pay are to your wallet provider/network - Not bitcoin-cloud
Buying with the same wallet address for each purchase is recommended. There are no purchasing limits!
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Quick FAQ:
Q: Why are you selling mining packages to the outside as opposed to just mining for yourselves?
A: What we are doing is selling cloud based mining services to the outside world. We do not actually host our own mining servers, that is the actual cloud part of our services. We are renting server space from other providers and running mining clients on these servers. To keep is simple, the more server space that is bought by you, the customer, the more profit everyone will make!

Q: What is the purpose of this website?
A: This website serves several purposes: Provides a BitCoin mining service for those that don't know how, don't have the hardware, or don't have access to a BitCoin mining pool.

Q: Why was this website started?
A: The founders of bitcoin-cloud felt that using the cloud to mine bitcoin was more effective than using gaming hardware or ASIC miners. We are currently mining at a rate of anywhere from 1-1.2 TH/s.

This website does not buy/sell BitCoins or exchange BitCoins for any national currency of any kind!
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